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How to find backlinks for your website?

How to find backlinks for your website? There is a really simple method to find great backlinks, if not the greatest backlinks you could possibly find.E
Get your competitors websites in an analysis tool, suchs as Moz Open Site explorer, Majestic or Smrush.

Even better, you can use all of them, even one less known, like

The key is to verify the first 10 competitors on your keywords. They rank on page one because they have a great backlink profile. So you need to know how they do it. You will achieve this by spying on their backlinks.
See if you can get backlinks from some of the same websites. Don't just copy-paste the backlink profile. Be selective! Work smart.
Take 2-3 from one website, 2-3 from another. If you can! Sometimes it will be really hard to get those backlinks, even impossible, but if you try it, you may get some great results.

It really depends on the niche, on your flair to approach the situation and tour experience with SEO and marketing.
There is al…

Keyword research is KEY! Top 3 advice.

Keyword research is KEY! I know that sounds funny but that's only because it's meant to make an impact. Never neglect keyword research. Do it thoroughly and you will make your marketing efforts much easier.  

My top 3 advice for you when you do keyword research are as follows.

1. Start somewhere. Imagine a few keywords 10 to 20, how would a client or interested person, will search for that specific product or service you sell or provide. Then use a tool like Google Keyword Planner, and paste those keywords you thought of. Google Keyword Planner will tell you how many searches each query gets per month. You will then have an estimated search volume. Plus you will get lots of related keywords, right on the table. Some of them will be unrelated but if you look at them all, you will really get more working keywords.

2. Look at your competitors. Your competitors already have an established website, that means they already worked on this keyword research. Use the work they did and take…

SEO Advice in 2018

Hello everyone, my name is Cristian, and I'm going to help you achieve your SEO goals. If you follow the rules, the best practice, and if you have patience, you will get your site on page one.
In 2018 SEO is more complex than ever and great marketers even talk about the death of SEO. 

Well, SEO is not dead and you can still climb from page 100 to page 1, but it really takes time, a lot of time.

Here is my top 3 advice for SEO in 2018

1. Never create automated backlinks! I mean it. Yes, I know many of you already know this, but there are lots of people buying packs of generated links, on spammy private networks.

2. If you really need to pay for a good backlink, you need be as selective as you can be. Only buy backlinks on quality sites, with unique content, good authority (over 30), and related to your niche. Don't buy links in footer, sidebar or any other place, where it will generate lots of backlinks. Place that link in one page only, and don't exaggerate with this practi…